Curate your calm.

Our mission is to change the way we perceive stress. We use hormetic stress conditioning through breathwork, hot and cold exposure to build resilient individuals. Hormetic stress 
is a term used to describe healthy stress, the sweet spot between too much stress and not enough stress. By exposing the mind, body and nervous system to extreme environments in a controlled setting, we begin to build resilience to general stress. This allows us to live a happier and more purposeful life.

Our Team.

Michell Li

Michelle is a yoga teacher, integrative nutrition coach, and psychologist in training. She is passionate about helping people discover mind-body modalities that helps to improve their relationship with stress and enhances holistic wellbeing. Her approach to teaching and living is light-hearted, curious, and always compassionate.

Michelle guides our RESTORE & STRONG classes.


For Sammy, Yoga is about connection. His classes create an environment that is carefree, fun and safe in which to explore the physical and non-physical self. He focuses on deliberate movement that is coordinated with breathing and set to a background of soulful beats.

Sammy guides our MINDFUL, STRONG & AWAKEN classes.


Vinh's yoga classes aim to help students re-connect with themselves through the art of gentle movement and the harmony of breath. He guides students through a practice that invites them to let go of stress and tension, and emerge with a strong sense of inner peace.

Vinh guides our RESTORE classes.


Chris began sharing and teaching his love of yoga and meditation in 2007. His classes and trainings aim to help us unravel tension and recognise an underlying sense of ease and well being. Chris is the founder of ‘Yoke Yoga’ which over the years has opened several studios, hosted trainings, events and immersive retreats, all with the vision of bringing ‘Yoga of the Heart’ to our community.


Tommy has been on a mission to spread his passion for personal growth. Armed with his trusty toolkit of Yoga, Mindfulness, Movement, Breathwork, and Meditation, he’s helped countless individuals, teams, and corporations tap into their inner awesomeness. His secret? A consistent life practice that keeps him grounded and the ability to keeps things light.

Fun, energetic and powerful flows. Expect to learn something new about your body, mind and spirit.


Chiara is a dedicated breathwork facilitator passionate about nervous system regulation, building resilience and enhancing mindfulness via breath. Fuelled by her own transformative journey with breathwork and cold exposure she empowers others to regain control over their body’s stress response.


Meet Simba, a versatile embodiment expert and holistic health coach, with a diverse background as a competitive bodybuilder, dancer & strongman athlete. Over the past decade, he has dedicated himself to studying and instructing the art of embodiment, mindfulness and holistic health, all while captivating audiences as a skilled professional fire dancer. With extensive training under esteemed movement and health experts, his mission is to assist those who seek to enhance their overall integrated well-being.


After sustaining a career-ending injury representing the Australian National Soccer team, The Matildas, Ashley discovered the practice of yoga and the power of mindfulness training. Since then, she has travelled the world undertaking various yoga and meditation teacher trainings. She has a passion for both mindful movement & stillness meditations weaved with yogic philosophy shared through both strong & gentle asana, poetic language and self-enquiry. Her passion and mission is to share this knowledge with the world and help accelerate the global awakening.


Dannys core foundations lie in his breathwork practice and meditation. Harnessing the energy of this human experience, his deep dive and journey into this space has been evolving since 2015. His classes offer the opportunity to bring intention into our breath and to redefine our relationship with our life force energy.
The class can be enjoyed at your own leisure or depth. He offers a rhythmical soundscape to synchronise the breath, and enhances the experience with live instruments.


Meet Our Founders.

Brothers & former AFL players, we discovered the power of the mind to tackle stress and improve performance - on and off the field.

Ben began using breathwork and meditation as a player struggling with injuries and concussions. After applying the techniques, he noticed he didn’t just feel better - he started to play really great footy. It then dawned on him just how potent the mind-body connection could be, travelling to India to deepen his practice and complete a yoga teacher training program while getting accredited as an oxygen advantage breathwork instructor and XPT performance breathing coach.

Will transitioned from football to the world of property development and construction, Will faced various challenges in these high-pressure industries. To cope with the demands, he turned to practices like meditation, hot and cold therapy, and conscious breathing, which helped him develop a resilient mindset, enabling him to thrive in extremely stressful situations.


Ready to bring your mind and body back to its optimal state?